C.O.D. Postapocalyptic

C.O.D. Postapocalyptic - multiplayer online game based on the developments of online project 'Lands Of heroes'. The game takes place in post-nuclear world that is populated by survivors, mutants, robots and androids. Players can expect large-scale battles, carried out by hundreds of fighters, an original role-system and beautiful graphics. The game C.O.D. combines the genres of strategy and role-playing game.

Lands of heroes

Lands of Heroes is a multi-player online game of a new generation. It allows you to plunge into the fascinating fantasy world. Every player is given a unique opportunity to feel himself commander of mercenaries, leading their path to victory by magic and iron. The game combines in itself the genres of strategy and role-playing. Moreover it does not require much time. The battle system and the development of characters do not have analogues and will not leave anyone indifferent.


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Tracery is an interesting and exciting logic game that helps you to relax by spreading different traceries on the field. As you reach new levels - you earn more and more elements to make ever nicer traceries. The more complicated traceries you make - the more additional points you earn and the faster you finish each level. While playing the game not only can you have a rest, you can also view beautiful traceries you created during the game.

Tracery belongs to the class of office games. It starts in the small window that can be minimized anytime. There's no time factor in the game so you can abstract from it for a while.
Our office games don't require powerful computers and can be played on almost any computers. We are sure you will enjoy the beautiful modern graphics, the pleasant sound effects and the convenient interface of the Tracery game.

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