Joo the little bear is our good friend. We met him while walking in one of the suburban parks. Joo likes to sit on the porch of his tiny tree house, playing new games on his little laptop, leisurely drinking soda pop. At the same time he never forgets to wave his paw to everyone, who passes by. After lunch he comes down to the ground, using a rope-ladder, and walks around the park. One can often see him riding his tricycle in the park's outskirts.

Joo often comes to visit us and watch us creating unique games. He likes big computers with large monitors, but he doesn't want to have one at his place. His house is not very big and there is not much space there. We like Joo for his cheerfulness, joviality, carefulness and of course his love for computer games.

"I am plump and cheerful, and therefore handsome!" Joo likes to say. And he is right!

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About Joo